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These other links below will allow you to look for businesses using our multiple listing website with over 4000 businesses listed for sale. You can find businesses that are lender pre-approved (SBA approved), those offering seller financing,  those priced under $100k, and those which would qualify for an E2 Visa.


 How to use the buyer links below 

It just takes a couple of minutes to read my tips (instructions) – it will be worth your time.

I will show you some EASY Ways to arrange the numerical data in the columns.

When searching within “All businesses for sale” to start you must make 2 selections:

  • Which county (you want to search in – for multiples –hold down Control key at same time ) For buyers out of state looking for a business not geographically specific – just select  All Counties –selecting this option you will get all 4000 businesses.
  • Type of specific business (i.e. pizza place, auto garage, etc) if your search will consider all businesses –select “All Categories” it will display by types.

Here’s the good part

The important information about the businesses is displayed in 4 columns – Price  – Down –Adj. Net – Sales – each column has a blue diamond at the top of the column –first  select either ascending or descending  and then click on the blue diamond’s to arrange the numbers –highest–to- lowest

It makes it a lot easier to find a good business based either by adj. net (yearly income) or down (indicating owner financing)

Just click on the blue BBF listing number to see more information of the business, and then call me, what you see is a brief summary – I can give you more than is shown.


All Businesses for Sale in Florida

Lender Pre-Qualified businesses

Businesses Priced under $100k

Businesses Qualifying for E2 Visa

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