My website can help you identify over 1500 businesses in Florida that should QUALIFY for an E2/EB5 visa. 

2 Things a Foreign Investor Must Do FIRST to ultimately Qualify for an E2 visa

  1. Work with a Business Broker to Find a Business to Buy
  2. Work with Immigration Attorney to submit the visa application

A foreign investor seeking an E2 visa must be from a Treaty Country and  Must Buy a Florida business BEFORE  they can make an application for an E2/EB5 visa.

A Business Search on my website will help FIND a business in Florida that qualifies for either an E2/EB5 visa, BUT you must understand and follow the instructions for searching on my website.

There are 2 programs foreign nationals can potentially benefit from by buying a business in the United States:

  • E-2 visas grant a foreign investor from a country in which the United States has a qualifying treaty, a temporary status in the U.S. that can be granted for up to 5 years and can be extended in 5-year increments indefinitely.
  • EB-5 Visa’s are based on the investment amount and in some cases the creation of jobs – a $500,000 up to a $1,000,000 investment, depending on the type of investment, can be used to obtain a 2- year green card.  A green card is the same as lawful permanent resident status.

Not all business investments in Florida will result in getting a visa. Qualifying for an E2/EB5 visa based on an investment in a business is a complex process requiring the help of an immigration attorney who specializes in Immigration Law. The immigration attorney must first determine if the business would qualify for a visa and then prepare all the documentation required. I work with a great immigration attorney, Michael Ashoori, who has been very helpful to my buyers. He has lots of Videos posted on Youtube about E2/EB5 visas.  His website link is below.

Michael Ashoori

It’s important a foreign investor understand the E2/EB5 visa application process. It does not have to be difficult with the right immigration attorney and business broker working together as a team but you must understand and follow the instructions for searching on my website.

The important details of the visa application are:

  • The investor must buy and pay for the business before applying for a visa.
  • After payment is made – all the closing documents are drawn up that will transfer title to the foreign investor BUT the documents and payment are held in trust by an escrow agent until the visa application is approved.
  • Once the visa application is approved –all documents are dated and signed, legal title is transferred and payment is disbursed to the seller.
  • If the application for a visa is denied – the investor gets his money back and the documents are destroyed.
  • The length of time for application approval depends on the investors’ Consulate. The investor must be a citizen of a Treaty Country. Once the investor’s Consulate has been identified, the immigration attorney can usually estimate the time for approval.
  • Some consulates can approve an application in as little as 2-3 weeks; others can be 2-3 months.
  • The immigration attorney can usually determine whether a business will qualify for a visa, if you give him a copy of the report.

Follow these suggestions BEFORE  you search:

  1. STEP 2 – Location if you have family living in Florida, select the county that they live in. If not select ALL COUNTIES  IN STEP 2 – Might consider selecting adjacent counties to expand the search. 
  2. STEP 6  Investment $ amount – enter $ amount of money you have to buy a business. The search results will only show businesses up to that $ amount. If you don’t enter an amount – the search results will show businesses priced up to $3-5M. To qualify for visa – you must pay for business before you make an application.
  3. STEP 7 Select “May Qualify for Visa
  4. STEP 10  – DETAILED view – including FINANCIALS –PRINT THIS REPORT  to give to your attorney to determine if the business will qualify for a Visa. You can print and scan or download it to GIVE to your immigration attorney
  5. When Reviewing reports YEARLY INCOME (cashflow) created by the business is called = owner benefit/

Click on Link below to Find a Florida business that qualifies for an E2 Visa

Businesses that qualify for an E2 visa