What’s a Fair Price For A Business?

There are several ways to find a Tampa Business to buy, but the real challenge is determining if it’s priced fairly.

Your average buyer would have no way of knowing whether the business is priced fairly. How then does a buyer determine if the business has been priced fairly?

 I can help you  determine the fair price of a business

It’s easy when buying personal items to search the internet for the best price. Not many buyers would walk on an Automobile dealership lot and pay full sticker price for the auto. With proper research, a buyer can usually determine what is a fair price on just about everything they might buy. The exception is when you’re buying a business – not all are priced fairly. To determine if it has been priced fairly – a buyer must take the time to understand – HOW IT WAS PRICEDProperly pricing a business requires many pieces to come together. Pricing a business must start with a business valuation – there is no other way.

My video Business Valuation clearly explains how a business owner must price their business fairly. As a buyer, this video is a must watch!