A business owner in Tampa preparing to sell their business should be aware of the shocking fact that 4 out of 5 businesses listed don’t sell.

Why don’t they sell? 

The single most important reason that the business doesn’t sell is that it was not priced correctly.

Buyers buy businesses based on the profit/cash flow the business makes – the seller must prove the true profits to a buyer.

A Business Valuation will allow the seller to prove the true profits of the business to a prospective buyer. If the seller cannot prove the profits the business makes – it will not sell.

In addition to the number 1 reason above, here is a comprehensive list of all the obstacles to a successful sale, the list was compiled by Jim Stauder, owner of Biz Owner Advisors, LLC. It is an excellent checklist to identify any of the obstacles that might apply to your business.

66 reasons why businesses don’t sell 

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